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Root Canals & Gum Treatments

Root Canals & Gum Treatments

Keeping your gums healthy is extremely important to maintaining strong teeth. We care for your entire mouth including gum work and root canals.

Root Canal Treatments

A root canal is a procedure typically performed to alleviate a toothache. For this reason, they have a bad reputation. What causes the pain is pressure from a bacterial infection. To get rid of the infection, a root canal is done to begin the healing. They are a very common procedure that involves removing the nerve from the inside of the tooth root and replacing it with a filling material. Root canals can be performed by your dentist or an endodontist. An endodontist is a specialist who limits their practice to performing root canals. During the procedure, the dentist gets the patient very numb and then makes a small hole in the top of the tooth. The nerve is removed using a series of files that clean the root out and kill the bacteria. A filling is then placed inside the root that seals the tooth from getting reinfected. It is a longer procedure but very effective.

Periodontal Surgery

Gum disease is the most common cause of tooth loss. To prevent this, periodontal surgeries can be done. There are different levels of periodontal procedures performed in the dental office. The simplest is scaling and root planing. The patient is given anesthetic, and then a deep gum cleaning is performed. It involves the hygienist or dentist using their instruments to get rid of unhealthy tissue and hardened inorganic plaque material. The gum tissue typically responds very well to treatment with good home care and more frequent recall cleanings.

Sometimes further treatment of a deep gum pocket is needed to get the tissue healthy. This usually involves lowering the gums on the tooth. It turns a deep gum pocket into a shallower one that is easier for the patient to clean. There are other times when an antibiotic can be placed in an area of an infected gum pocket. It is important to talk to your dentist about which treatment options are available and the expected outcomes.

Dr Englander is certified to do the pin hole technique for receding gums. Click here to see the video.