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We can help you with dental related sleep problems. After an office examination we can provide you with a variety of option that will quickly have you sleeping much more comfortably.

Is Your Sleep Apnea Driving Your Spouse Crazy?

Many people don’t realize they have a problem with sleep apnea on their own. In most images cases, their partner urges them to get help otherwise threatens to move into a separate bedroom. A person with sleep apnea may startle their partner several times a night as they appear to be gasping for air. Snoring is usually quite loud.

Some people opt to use a sleep apnea machine called a CPAP machine on the advice of their family doctor. This involves a mask and tubes attached to a machine. It delivers a steady flow of steam and keeps airways open.

Sleep apnea sufferers with mild to moderate severity can also opt to inquire about available oral appliances that can help, too. These fit in the mouth and aren’t attached to any sort of tubes or machine. By positioning the jaw and tongue in a specific way, the sleeper doesn’t have airway obstruction. There are fixed and adjustable sleep apnea appliances as well.

Many people don’t realize just how disruptive their sleep apnea is to their own sleeping habits until they start to work on a solution and find that they feel better rested in the morning. Sleep apnea does carry some health risks so it is worth talking to your physician about.

A short time after being fitted for or purchasing a sleep apnea oral appliance your physician may ask to do a sleep study to determine whether or not it is effective. We can help ensure that your appliance isn’t negatively impacting your tooth alignment or jaw position.

Questions about Sleep Apnea? Schedule A Complimentary Consultation.

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